360 Develops, Implements, and Monitors strategies which assist our clients in managing the liability of their oil and gas assets


At 360, our unique approach and diverse work experience allows us to manage the liability around your oil and gas assets and in the process save you time and money”.

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  • Company-wide review to determine opportunities for deemed liability reduction, restructuring and LMR/LLR improvement
    • Review all wells, facilities and pipelines and assess opportunities for immediate deemed liability savings
    • Review and offer alternatives to current corporate guidelines as it relates to abandonment, reclamation and environmental policies
  • Assist and advise with acquisition and divestiture LMR concerns
  • Liaison with provincial bodies for submission and reporting requirements and streamlining this pathway
  • Develop long term strategies to manage your LMR/LLR, liabilities and environmental planning

Collaborative Abandonment Project Management

  • Full-scale management of well, pipeline and facility abandonment projects from phase 1 through to reclamation certification
  • Project bidding and procurement for all necessary services
  • Integrated and collaborative approach to all aspects of the abandonment cycle including
    • Environmental (incorporation of the environmental and reclamation phases into the abandonment program significantly reduces field costs and the time required to obtain reclamation certificates)
    • Third party consultation
    • Board submissions
    • Removal of infrastructure
    • Downhole abandonment
    • Reclamation
  • Full cycle project management/review to ensure maximum cost savings and efficiency

Environmental and
Reclamation Cycle

  • Conduct phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) to determine the likelihood of contamination and confirm presence or absence
  • Coordinate and supervise remedial activities if contamination is identified in the preliminary assessments
  • Reclamation of sites, including recontouring, salvage of soils and woody material and initial establishment of vegetation
  • Manage the site vegetation including weed and vegetation monitoring
  • Conduct soil and vegetation Detailed Site Assessments (DSAs)
  • Prepare and submit reclamation certificate applications


360 is a results oriented liability management firm.  We specialize in regulatory interpretation and application while delivering a collaborative, environmentally focused abandonment philosophy.  This approach allows us to actively and administratively reduce our clients liability.

In addition to working with provincial regulatory bodies in Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC for over 15 years to reduce deemed liabilities, tax assessments, and surface lease payments, the 360 team has managed abandonment and reclamation projects ranging from single sites to over 1000 locations. Collectively, the 360 team has overseen 3000+ abandonments and assisted in managing liability reductions in excess of $500mm.


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